Water Filters

We offer water filters that are designed to mitigate Iron, Arsenic, Sulfur, Manganese, Hardness, Low pH, Smell or Staining. 

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Corona Ozone System

This system is designed to remove: Iron (rust stains), Manganese (black stains), Sulfur (rotten egg smell), Bacteria, Turbidity, Color, Bad Taste and Odor. It utilizes the same ozone purification technology used by municipal companies throughout the world to ensure that you have the highest quality water available. 

The system uses no chemicals, salt or activated carbon and requires very low maintenance. It helps to reduce scale build-up on equipment such as pipes and water heaters as well as staining of showers, sinks, bathtubs and toilets. Ozone leaves no residue; its only by-product is pure oxygen. 

The system uses a corona ozone generator in combination with a venturi enductor to inject ozone into your water stream to aerate your water tank with tiny ozone saturated bubbles, which oxidize and kill many of the impurities in your well water. The result is refreshing, delicious, high quality water throughout your home and land for all of your water needs: showering, laundering, dish washing, cooking, plant watering, etc. 

Definition of Ozone (O3): Ozone, one of nature's basic elements, is a very powerful disinfecting and deodorizing gas consisting of oxygen (O2) with an extra oxygen atom attached, therefore becoming ozone (O3). When oxygen in the air is exposed to electric corona discharge, ozone is created (such as our sun creating the ozone layer). When ozone does its job, it oxidizes by giving up and attaching its extra oxygen atom to anything that can be oxidized. Once this process occurs, the ozone molecule becomes oxygen (O3-O=O2). Thus, the only by-product of ozone is pure oxygen. In fact, ozone reverts to pure oxygen quite rapidly and naturally. The half-line of ozone in the air is on the order of hours and on the order of minutes when dissolved in water. Additionally, ozone dissolves over 12 times more readily into water than pure oxygen, then reverts to oxygen, providing hundreds of times more dissolved oxygen in your water than could otherwise be possible. The high oxygen content of your water provides many of the benefits made possible with the Whole House RO. 

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Corona Ozone Arsenic System 

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      Iron Filter 

This filter will remove Ferric Iron (oxidized iron, c=chunk) up to 25ppm. Used as a pre-filter before a water softener or just by itself. If you have both Ferric Iron and Ferrous Iron (s=soluble iron) and do not want to soften, you would need an aeration system as well. There are several medias to choose from: 

Calcite Filter: Will filter up to 25ppm of Ferric Iron. If your pH is below 7.0 you have acidic water and the calcite will neutralize and remove Ferric Iron at the same time. 

Birm Filter: Will filter up to 5ppm of Ferric Iron, 1ppm Manganese. It does not alter the pH level of water. If you have Ferrous Iron, you can put an aeration system before to convert Ferrous to Ferric Iron and then filter. 

Green Sand: Will filter up to 10ppm of Ferric Iron and 5ppm of Sulfur. pH must be above 7.0 to use. This filter back washes with Potassium Permanganate. 10x54" tank with a 5600c 12 day cycle timer. If you have Ferrous Iron, then you must aerate the water, de-gas and then filter. 

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             pH Neutralizer 

This filter is designed to increase the pH of water. When pH is low or acidic, the water becomes aggressive and will destroy the copper pipes in your house. The blue and green stains you see are actually residual of the copper pipe. This makes the water taste metallic and can affect your health. 


Whole House Iron Filter with Water Softener 

5600B Water Softener

This system is designed to soften the water by the process of ion exchange. You exchange Sodium Chloride for Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Ferrous Iron. In other words you put salt in the salt tank and it is used to clean the filter. 

How much you use is based on your level of hardness, the size of the tank and the number of people in the house.

Water softeners are more compatible with soap and extend the lifetime of plumbing through out your home.