Radon Mitigation

We design, build, install and service Radon Water and Radon Air Systems.

Radon Water Systems- includes fan replacement, holding tank, submersible pump replacement and design change if necessary.

Radon Air Systems - includes fan replacement, atmospheric pump replacement and design change if necessary. 

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                    Radon Water System

                        Guaranteed to be able to reduce Radon levels to below EPA standards

What is a Radon Water System? How does it work?

 The particle filter is one of the most important components of a Radon Water System. The 1 micron filter, which rests on the bottom of the tank, is connected to the ozone injection filter pipe and is therefore continuously filled with ozonated air and water. The kinetic energy of the bubbles rising from the ozone generator to the particle filter causes the water in the tank to be pushed through the filter, which captures the oxidized impurities in your water. Because of the lifting action of the Ozone bubbler, which moves 10 gallons of water per minute, other contaminants that the filter cannot remove are brought to the top of the water chamber. An external fan then draws air from outside to create a vacuum inside the water chamber so that over 120 cubic feet of air per minute is pulled across the top of the tank, removing unwanted gases and contaminants. 

A magnet, working in conjunction with the Ozone and air movement, draws necessary minerals into your water and stabilizes the pH of the water. This process makes the water non-aggressive and prevents corrosion of the plumbing system and the staining that is commonly associated with acidic water. This is a very simple and economical way to produce very clean water. 

Our system is the only system on the market that is sanitized



    Radon Air System

Guaranteed to be able to reduce Radon levels to below EPA standards

A Radon Air System is a sub slab depressurization system where we create vacuum under the house and draw the air continuously from under the slab to reduce radon counts in the home and living spaces to below EPA standards. 


Questions we ask when it comes to Radon quotes: 

What is the radon level?

Finished or unfinished basement? 

How many stories is the house including the basement?

Does the basement have a cement floor or dirt floor?