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5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Systems

Whole House Reverse Osmosis

  PFAS Mitigation

 Whole House Carbon Filter Systems

Whole House Arsenic Systems

 Ozone Water Systems

 Whole House Radon Water Mitigation Systems

Whole House Radon Air Mitigation Systems

Whole House Water Softeners

Whole House Iron Filters


 Ion Exchange

 Particle Filtration

 Well Chlorination

 Ultra Violet Light to Sanitize




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Jake and Jaime Felder 

Jake and Jaime Felder 

About Us

Abacus Water and Air Systems is a family run business owned and operated since 1996. Jacob and Jaime Felder are the current owners of the business which is now located in Raymond, NH. The family business was handed down to Jake from Abacus' original owner, Jacob's father, Kevin Felder. 

That being said, Jake has been immersed in the world of water filtration since a very young age. When he was growing up he used to watch his father install systems as well as build the systems. As Jake got older he started helping build each system, learning the ins and outs of how the components work together.

Abacus strives to provide you and your family with the highest quality water filtering products available with the best pricing possible without compromising quality. 





Jake is awesome. He was the best and took care of everything we needed and wanted. Also the best price and doesn’t try to sell you things you DON’T need.
Jamie and Jacob are absolutely the sweetest to do business with. I am new to Abacus, but my landlord isn’t. Jacob has been more than fair, and is very knowledgeable. I am highly impressed with you both! I wish you continued success.
I have had a whole house water filtration system and a reverse osmosis system which is piped to my kitchen sink from Abacus for approximately 14 years. Not only was the price good, but the product they use is fantastic. I am really bad about that whole maintenance thing, so have only had it serviced twice in 14 years and still have not had any problems. If I were to need another system, I would definitely go with Abacus.
Just had a system installed by Jake - he and Jamie were fantastic to work with and I am super pleased with the result - CLEAN WATER!
We have been using Abacus Water Systems for over ten years and have been very well serviced overall. They came recommended to us by a friend who lived in town. Our raw well water is VERY HEAVILY laden with iron and other minerals making an orange mess of anything that came in contact with the water and clogging up the pipes. We needed a filtration system that could handle the heavy load. With the filtration system that Abacus installed and services routinely done we now have the best drinking water around!! Even better than what you pay for in the grocery store! Kevin has always provided great customer service and support, going above and beyond to help us out when the need arises- whether the well was hit by lightning and sent a surge through everything, or the water pump busted shortly after a regular service- he offers the fairest, honest and customer sensitive bargain. He goes out of his way to back up his work and makes sure we are fully satisfied before considering the job done.
Kevin at Abacus was great to work with. Jake did a fantastic install job on my water system.
A Great company to work with. I would recommend them for any water problem.
My home has terrible water. There is radon, arsenic, sulfur and many other contaminants. I have an Abacus whole house reverse osmosis water system that is amazing. The system has been running flawlessly and the water is free of all contaminants and tastes great. I now drink plenty of water, the water tastes great. I highly recommend Kevin F. and his product to anyone who needs a water purification system.
I had a broken well and radon in the water. These guys fixed everything fast and offered a ton of information.

Work was done 6 month’s ago no problems.

Radon water mitigation
Iron filter
Water softener help